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Partner Churches


Bedrock Lynchburg 

Bedrock Lynchburg is our sending church. In December of 2019 God called people out of Bedrock Church in Lynchburg Virginia to start a new church in Fishtown Philadelphia. Bedrock Lynchburg has continued to support us through prayer, resources, and relationships. They have been a tremendous support for us. It is not overstating there impact to say that we would not exist without there generous and consistent partnership.

3 Circle Church 

3 Circle Church is in Mobile Alabama. They began a partnership with us in 2021 and have been a huge source of encouragement and support. They have sent teams and resources that have been crucial to the mission here. They were particularly impactful in the launch of our first service in May of 2021. 3 Circle Church has a great vision for supporting the growth of the kingdom in the greater Philadelphia area and around the world.


Providence Church

Providence Church is in Raleigh North Carolina. They began a partnership with us in 2021. They have supported through consistent generosity, prayers and sending people to help do ministry in our neighborhood. We are grateful for the genuine relationships and care that they have offered us. Providence supports the mission of God around the world and we are thankful to be a part of that vision.

Partner Networks 


North American Mission Board

The North American Mission Board is the largest evangelical church planting network in North America. NAMB has supported us through coaching, resources, parter development, and prayer. They are planting churches everywhere for everyone.

Bedrock Network 

The Bedrock Network was born out of a church in Bedford Virginia that had a vision for making disciples and building churches. That radical vision produced a church that has sending DNA. They have leveraged resources and people for the greater good of the kingdom of God and are now a network of churches that work together to continue that mission. We continue to receive and give support to churches in our home network.