Through a restored relationship with Jesus Christ we can cultivate something that serves an eternal purpose. If we are to reach the city of Philadelphia for God’s glory, then we must not be a church defined by age, race, nationality, education, or financial status. Rather, we must create a culture defined by the truth of Jesus Christ; a culture that will foster mindsets and attitudes that are rooted in the Word of God, from which new actions, ideas, and relationships grow.

Therefore, Bedrock’s mission is to encounter the glory of God, experience life together, and engage our world with the Gospel. We are people who have been restored by Jesus and desire to create a culture in our homes, jobs, and communities that brings about the restoration of those around us for the glory of God.


In a world that is consumed by “me” and “now”, we are committed to being about “others” and “forever.” The mission of Jesus Christ was carried out by the disciples, through the Holy Spirit, and resulted in churches being planted. We can quantify success by attendance and baptisms, memberships and mission trips, but a legacy — that is something entirely different. Our desire is to continue the legacy of Jesus Christ through being His witnesses, growing disciples, and planting churches.

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